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Finally RELEASED:  The 2nd DVD in the Breakthrough Learning Series:  Helping the Distracted and Disorganized Child:  Understanding  Executive Functioning Skills(c) .  Visit our store for more information on this and other BLS products!


Breakthrough Learning Solutions recognizes and respects the uniqueness of each child. Our primary mission is to foster a love of learning in each student, to provide families with information, encouragement and support, and to act as a liaison with community and educational agencies.

BLS serves individuals from preschool to early adulthood, and works with a wide range of challenges, including but not limited to Autism, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, behavioral and social/emotional needs, Down Syndrome,Language-Based Learning Disabilities, Non-verbal Learning Disabilities, and sensory-integration.  Services range from consultation to assessment, direct intervention, and parent and professional training. 
BLS is NOT a traditional tutoring service.  Tutoring is a short term, subject-based intervention for children who are typically learning well, but need specific subject-matter assistance.  BLS is unique in that our programs are designed to address the core, underlying causes of learning difficulties, including:
  • working memory
  • processing speed
  • auditory analysis
  • visual processing
  • auditory processing
  • logic and reasoning
  • visual-spatial challenges
  • phonemic awareness weaknesses
  • developmental lags
  • social interpretation/regulation weaknesses
By targeting the cause of learning issues, rather than the symptoms, we are able to make profound differences in a child's ability to learn, retain and utilize information.  Addressing the key processing skills first, then moving into academic remediation, allows a layering of intervention which works together to make learning more effective and efficient for students.
BLS utilizes an educational therapy approach,  combining cutting-edge research in neurology and  brain development, child development, educational materials and learning disabilities. 
Using only the most current, research-based interventions available today, uniquely designed programs can include:
*Lindamood Bell's Visualizing and Verbalizing
*Lindamood Bell's Seeing Stars
* Social skills development programs
* ASD Relationship-Based Intervention Programs

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