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Proudly Introducing  A New 2-Day Course for Parents!
Breakthrough Parenting for the Distracted, Disorganized or Chaotic Child:  Building and Strengthening Organization, Time Management, Attention and Emotional Control in Children and Teens  (click on parent page for dates, locations and registration)

Friday Evening  6:30-9:00

I.  Welcome and Introductions

II.  Who are our distracted, disorganized kids?
  A.  Executive Functioning Skills
  B.  How They Develop
  C.  Who is at risk for Challenges?

III.  Understanding Ourselves and Our Impact on Others
  A.  Communication Styles
  B.  Organization Systems
  C.  Finding a "Good Fit" Between Our Style and Our Kids

IV.  Where to Begin  When it All Feels Overwhelming!
  A.  Targeting a Starting Point
  B.  Understanding the Roles of Motivation and Self-Confidence
  C.  The Difference Between Motivation and Ability

Saturday 9:00-3:30 (One hour lunch on your own)

I.  Review and Q/A From Friday Night

II.  Practical, Immediate Ideas and Solutions for:
  A.Understanding and Supporting Sensory Needs
  B. Helping Kids Understand and Control Emotions
  C.  Supporting Focused Attention on Boring Tasks (aka              school work!)
  D.  Strengthen Memory and Learning Skills
  E.  Organizing Space and Materials
  F.  Managing Time, Learning to Break Down Assignments

III.  Supporting the Home Environment:
  A.  Daily and Family Calendars
  B.  The Importance of Consistency
  C.  Building Skills into Your Family Routines, Chores, and              Activities

IV.  When and Where to Go For Additional Help
  A.  Professional Assistance
  B.  What To Ask From Schools
  C.  Extensive Resource List of Apps, Websites, and Books               for Follow- up Learning 

 This class will have many hands-on learning opportunities.

Email today to bring this engaging, interactive course to your school, organization or church! 

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